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Hunny Bean Software is a family centered, community oriented software and web design business serving the Savannah and Low Country area, and beyond.

Because of our commitment to family and the community, Hunny Bean Software is devoted to efforts which promote the growth of the businesses in our community, both small and large, the education and life-long learning of children of all ages, as well as the development of positive, growing relationships within and between the families of our community.

F.Y.I. Hunny Bean Software is named after the founders' two daughters, using a piece of each of their nicknames, Hunny Bunny and Butter Bean. Who are Hunny Bunny and Butter Bean?
Back... Butter Bean eating ice cream on the Boardwalk. Hunny Bunny at the Effingham County Fair Parade. Hunny Bunny on a ride at Wildwood on the Boardwalk Butter Bean goofing off Butter Bean and Hunny Bunny at Disney Hunny Bunny at EPCOT with Granny. Butter Bean hamming it up. Hunny Bunny just lookin' cute. Butter Bean and Grampy being Energizer Bunnies.